Marysvale Adventure Retreat

8 guests
3 bedrooms
3 beds
2 baths

Welcome to our immaculate 3bd 2ba home in Marysvale. Sleeps 8, with kings in 2 rooms, queen bunks in the third. Amenities include a 6-person sauna, 2-car garage, huge covered parking sheds, WiFi, 3 TVs, gym, yard games, work desk, laundry, standing ice maker, and a stunning back patio. Bring your side-by-sides and explore the Paiute Trail system.


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House Rules

We have two primary goals with all of our house rules: first, that you have an enjoyable and safe stay; and second, that your stay does not become burdensome to our neighbors because they are our friends.

Pets: We love dogs! We have a well-trained golden retriever named Rudy. He’s trained to stay off couches and beds. We would appreciate it if your dogs copied Rudy’s manners. But we do have some limitations on the dogs you can bring. You’re welcome to bring a maximum of 2 friendly, yes only friendly dogs, so long as they are closely watched and you pick up their droppings. If your dogs become unfriendly to neighbors or neighbors pets, we may ask you to remove them from the property. If you bring dogs, a neighbor's friendly dog named Sally will surely swing by to say hello. If your dogs are unfriendly we would ask that you make other arrangements for them. It is helpful if you bring bedding for your dogs…especially if they can’t sleep anywhere but at your feet. Dogs often put added time and responsibility on our cleaners. This is why we have a pet fee if you bring dogs. If there is an abundance of dog hair or mud on things which require extra time cleaning or extra washings of linens, we will kindly request an additional $30 per hour for our cleaner’s time it takes to clean up the mess. We hate asking for any extra at the end, (and rarely do) but would like to be fair to those who have to spend the time cleaning up after critters. We also have a hose with hot and cold water if you’d like to bathe your pooch on the driveway. Please bring your own pet towels.

Smoking: There is absolutely no smoking inside the house. But we do have a smoking receptacle on the back patio. To enforce this rule we will request a $500 extra cleaning fee if you smoke in the house or garage. We hate to have such drastic charges for this, but this is a fair estimate of what it costs us to rid the house of the smoking smell.

No Riding on Property: Our permit for a short term rental prohibits any ATV/ OHV riding on the property (as well as the road in our neighborhood) except for ingress and egress to the house. The road in front of the property is also dirt/gravel and we’d kindly request that you respect our neighbors and keep your speed to 5 MPH or lower until you hit the paved county road about a block away.

Other Permitted Occupants: Other occupants shall be limited to family members, friends or responsible adults. Use of the premises will be denied to persons not falling within the foregoing categories, and as a result those unpermitted occupants will be required to vacate the property immediately without any refund. No keys or codes will be issued to anyone who is not an adult. Groups, parties, or other large gatherings are not allowed without prior approval.

Damage: If, during the Guest’s stay, a guest causes any damage to real or personal property as a result of inadvertent or intentional acts, the credit card on file will be used to cover the cost of the damage. The cost of the damage includes the replacement or repair cost of the item damaged, but also $30 per hour for Manager’s coordination of any reorder/purchase or repair of the item damaged.

Activities and Music: All activities on the property (outside games, loud music, gatherings exceeding 10 people etc…) must not begin before 10:00 AM and must cease by 10:00 PM. Radio, music, or any other sound transmitted outdoors via instruments, speakers or otherwise is prohibited after 10:00 PM and before 10:00 AM (except at extremely low volume and audible only a few feet from the speaker) and should be kept at a reasonable volume during the day. Manager has a Minut sound monitoring device on the back patio and may let Guest know if Guest is exceeding sound levels. The Minut device does not record sounds but it does record sound levels and can alert Manager if the overnight guest count exceeds 10 people.

Shooting: Absolutely no discharge of firearms on or near the Property. Several residences and local camping spots are located nearby but just out of view of the Property. Although the unimproved areas of the Property might appear like a good place to shoot, THEY ARE NOT. There are homes just beyond the hill in the backyard. Archery shooting should only be into the targets provided or into guests’ own targets placed in a safe location. Extreme caution should be exercised by all archers. Only experienced archers, or those under the direct supervision of an experienced archer, should use the targets provided. Archery equipment is NOT PROVIDED and must be brought by Guest.

Gym Rules: No bare feet in the gym. The floors are plywood and there is a high potential for slivers. Please don’t drop weights on the wood floor. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times by an adult in the Gym. No emergency defibrillator or other life saving devices are provided. The Gym is above 6000 feet altitude and exercise is more difficult here. Guest is responsible to know Guest’s body’s capability to handle exercise.

Video Cameras: Manager keeps two exterior video cameras on the Property. These cameras are placed near the front door and above the garage. The cameras record. The cameras are used for security and to ensure Guest’s compliance with house rules. There are absolutely no cameras or video recording devices inside the home.

Sound level monitoring: Owner has a Minut device on the back patio. The device measures sound levels but does not record voices or conversations. The device uses technology to notify property Manager if it suspects a party or if it suspects more than 10 overnight guests. This device is located on the back patio.

Drugs: Guest agrees that any tenant who is found using drugs or allows others to use drugs on the premises will be immediately denied continued occupancy at these premises and will forfeit all held funds and security deposits associated with this Agreement, including remaining liable for the full rental amount associated with the Term of this Agreement. Please note: while recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada, Arizona and Colorado, it is NOT legal in Utah.

Kitchen and Appliances: Manager requests that Guest washes and replaces any dishes Guest uses. Pots, pans, and knives should be washed by hand. Dishes should be wiped clean into the trash instead of into the sink drain (to prevent septic problems with too much food waste). Dishes can then be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher.

Falsified Reservations: Any reservation obtained under false pretense or occupancy exceeding the Maximum Occupancy stated above will be subject to forfeiture of advance deposit and/or rental money and the Guest will not be permitted to check-in.

Severe Weather: Manager does not refund rents or deposits lost due to canceled or shortened stays because of inclement weather.

Towels: Towels to be used at the Property will be available. The white towels stored inside the home are not designated as “beach towels” and if used off premises will be charged to your account as damages. We do keep some old towels in the garage for your dogs or machines. We only ask that you not overuse these utility towels. It helps if you can remember to bring some of your own towels for machines or pets.

Furnished Home: The Property is equipped and set up as a fully furnished home. Although Manager makes every effort to anticipate most people’s needs, Manager may not have all the items Guest may be accustomed to having at Guest’s home and encourage Guest to bring/purchase whatever items Guest may need for the duration of the Term.

Boats, RVs, Trailers, etc: Manager allows boats, trailers, RV, etc.. to be parked on the Property. In the event that the gravel area of the property becomes water-saturated because of heavy rains or snow, all vehicles should be placed in, and limited to, the following areas: (1) 2 car garage; (2) concrete driveway; and (3) the two covered sheds–one is 40 deep and 12’ tall, the other is 30’ deep and 7’9” tall. If the gravel area becomes extremely wet, we would ask that you load the trailers in a spot that doesn’t tear up the gravel and potentially load the trailers elsewhere.

Septic Care: Guest understands that the home is serviced by a septic system and is not connected to a city sewer system. Certain products and chemicals damage the septic system. Guest acknowledges that Guest will not flush any garbage other than toilet paper (gum, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, or latex products) down the toilet or any drain. All of these products should be placed in the trash. Guest understands that only PHOSPHATE FREE chemicals should be used in the septic system. Manager will provide dish soap, laundry soap, hand soap, and bathing soaps that meet these specifications. In the event that Guest brings his/her own products, Guest will make every effort to use PHOSPHATE FREE products and to use only the minimal amount of guests own products as necessary.

Manager Liability and Indemnification: Guest agrees to indemnify and hold Manager and Property Owner harmless from all liability, loss or damage arising from any nuisance or harm made or suffered on the premises by the Guest, tenants, or invited occupants or guests of any Guest during the term of Guest’s stay. Manager accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage or alteration to the terms of your reservation caused by events beyond its control, including but not restricted to war, terrorist activity, civil commotion, flight delays, cancellations, airport closures, loss of luggage, adverse weather conditions, fire, flood, industrial dispute, or any other act of God. Manager does not accept any liability for failure of public supplies such as water, electricity, internet breakdown or the air conditioning system, nor for the consequences of the actions or omissions of persons who may control or supply main services, or any actions taken in the vicinity of the Property by other parties or guests. Manager does not accept any liability for your personal safety during your stay. It is particularly important that children are supervised at all times in and outside the Property. Manager assumes no responsibility for accidents. Guests are reminded to exercise care as to personal safety, and the safety of its invited occupants and guests. Whenever possible, valuables should be left secure and out of sight (or in the supplied safe that is not fireproof or waterproof) and Guest agrees to hold Manager harmless for any loss or damage to valuables that are brought upon the Property.

Fall Hazards: Guest understands that there is minimal outdoor lighting on the property. Nighttime walking on the property may result in falls or injury. Guest understands that both porches are elevated and may present fall hazards. Marysvale is so dark at night that people can easily fall off the porches at night as they are not surrounded by railings. Guest also understands that there is a retaining wall on the east side of the Property which might be difficult to see/appreciate under certain circumstances.

Waiver of Liability: Manager shall not be liable to Guest, or those claiming through or under Guest, for injury, death, or property damage occurring in, on or about the Property and appurtenances thereto. Guest shall indemnify the Manager and Property Owner and hold it harmless from any claim arising out of any injury, death, or property damage occurring in, on or about the Property to Guest or any employee, customer, or invitee of Guest.

BUNK BED SAFETY WARNINGS: There are certain risks associated with using a bunk bed as well as bunk bed steps, and Guests and their related persons agree that use is at their own risk. Manager assumes no responsibility for personal loss, injury, or illness of any kind which may result from use of the bunk bed and ladder. Parents with children should be especially cautioned regarding ladder use, and Guest agrees to accept all responsibility for minors. While not an exhaustive list of precautions, Guests and their related persons agree to follow these industry standards: 1) Use of top bunk is limited to occupants 6 years or older; 2) No jumping or other horseplay will occur on or around the bed; and 3) Guests and related persons will always use steps at the bottom of the bed for entering and leaving the upper bunk.

Hazards for Children: Guest understands the home and surrounding property may have hazards for children. Cleaning supplies / chemicals are in cabinets throughout the house and no protective locks are provided. Window treatments are not cordless. There may be other hazards in the house or the surrounding property not listed here. Guest agrees to monitor all children at all times and maintain responsibility for their safety.

Credit Card Authorization: Guest understands and consents to the use of the credit card provided without original signature on the charge slip, that an email of this agreement will serve as an original, and that this Credit Card Authorization cannot be revoked and will not terminate until 90 days after the rental is vacated. Additional charges may include but are not limited to: excessive cleaning fees; damages beyond normal wear and tear, and so forth. Guest has acknowledged the above statements after reading and understands this Agreement in its entirety.


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The space
This newer house with majestic 360-degree views is located in the mountain town of Marysvale between the Tusher Mountains and what locals call Monroe Mountain. It’s a 3-bedroom 2-bathroom single level rambler that sleeps 8 comfortably (2 rooms with king beds, and a third room with queen bunk beds). And, if you’d like to employ a camp trailer or fifth wheel to hook on to the utilities (power, septic, and water), you can do that so long as the total overnight guest count is no more than 10. You belong among the wildflowers!

If you’re relaxing around the house, start your morning right with a few minutes in the brand-new sauna. Enjoy our coffee station with complimentary coffee, tea and all the fixins. And if you want to watch something you just can’t miss, we have 3 televisions, with satellite TV. You also have more than enough places to kick back and read.

Kick your feet up on the back patio, open up a beverage, and kill off the hours next to a fire with an unobstructed view of Monroe Peak. The back patio is furnished with an outdoor sofa, propane fireplace, outdoor heater, and outdoor dining set.

If you feel like a little entertainment at home, challenge your friends or family to any number of yard games (horseshoes, bocce ball, giant Jenga, corn hole, spike ball, and others) or board games we’ve stashed away just for you.

You are invited to use our 30 foot long 2 car enclosed garage that, believe it or not, is intended to be a shining focal spot of our house. With epoxy floors, large icemaker, extra refrigerator freezer combo, dedicated dog station, extra towels, storage racks for all your gear, a hose with hot and cold water this is day-adventurer's dream.

You’re also welcome to make use of our covered parking sheds–40’ deep 12’ tall steel covered shed, and 30’ deep 7’9” tall parking shed. We also have plenty of other room on our 5 acre property to park any other toys and trailers you want to bring.

If you would like a workout far away from trouble and worry, you found the place. In addition to the endless trails you can take for a scenic run, hike or bike, we’ve built a small home gym in one of our sheds with an assault bike, dumbbells, and an assortment of simple exercise equipment. And don’t forget the sauna after!

If you’re in the mood to go away somewhere all bright and new, your options of things to do and places to see are endless. Marysvale is well known for its Paiute ATV Trail system with over 1000 miles of marked trails plus another 1500 miles of forest service roads. The Jeep, OHV and ATV friendly roads take you from deep canyons to alpine forests, seemingly endless waterfalls, mountain lakes, and breathtaking views at elevations over 11,000 feet. Draw the hunt of a lifetime on the Beaver, Monroe, or neighboring Dutton hunting unit? We want your memories to begin here. We have plenty of room for your machines, pack animals, trailers, and even a complimentary dust spray off spot. Go for a fish at Otter Creek, a world class trout fishery, or explore some of the nearby less well-known streams or mountain lakes. Take an easy hike to photo worthy Bullion Falls or gear up to hike nearby peaks that reach heights of over 12,000 feet. Float or swim in the Sevier River in the summer. Run, walk, or bike along the Big Rock Candy Mountain Trail. Or, if you want to cross three of Utah’s five Mighty 5 National Parks off your list (Bryce Canyon, Zion, or Capitol Reef), you won’t find a more centralized basecamp.

Our kitchen is fully stocked with everything you’ll need to cook a nice dinner (except food). We also have an outside BBQ and Camp Chef 2-burner stove if you’d like to do some cooking outside. If you come when the season is right, you’re welcome to grab some fruit or vegetables from our garden to add to your home cooked meals.
Guest access
This house sits on 5 acres. You have plenty of parking for boats, ATV trailers, horse trailers and camp trailers etc…so long as a big rain or snow doesn’t make the property extraordinarily muddy. If it becomes unseasonably wet, we would ask that you employ the two covered parking sheds (30 and 40 feet long), 30 foot 2-car garage, and paved driveway for your vehicles. We will accommodate one other camp trailer or fifth-wheel to be hooked on to the house utilities (including septic). Marysvale City does not allow us to entertain more than 10 guests on the property overnight so please limit your total overnight count to 10. And also please limit ATV use to egress and ingress only.

If you bring an ATV, we offer a complimentary spray off spot near our back sheds. However, please conserve water because this area of Utah is in a drought, and if your machine is extra muddy, please consider whether professional car wash would be a more appropriate/considerate place for the mud.

We also have a fenced area to accommodate your horses, mules, llamas or goats. Please just let us know a couple weeks in advance if you plan to bring these critters so we can plan accordingly.
Additional notes
Please come prepared with everything you need to eat/drink. Marysvale is remote. It only has one gas station open during limited hours, and a couple restaurants (Tomatoes Pizza, and a small hot dog restaurant) that have very limited hours. We hear there are plans for more establishments, including a bar, but time will tell. This is one of the reasons we love Marysvale–it’s small, remote and unpredictable. Big Rock Candy Mountain Restaurant, located about ten minutes away, is also open after May 1 seven days a week. Junction, the nearest small town (with a very small market) is located fifteen minutes away, and the nearest grocery stores as well as big box stores are over 30 minutes away in Richfield. If you’re in the mood for a fantastic steak, check out Steve’s Steakhouse in Richfield.
Guest interaction
Hosts will be available through app communication between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM. Because hosts have kids and day jobs that require their attention, there certainly may be short delays in communication. We expect our guests can solve simple problems (like using a plunger) if little issues arise. In true emergencies we can have people available to attempt to solve the problem. Again, however, because Marysvale is very remote, there could be delays in the response time for our team so please have patience.
Neighborhood overview
Quiet secluded neighborhood with only 3 other houses nearby. The home sits 1/8th of a mile above Bullion Canyon Road for access to Paiute ATV trail system. The house lives on Timberline Drive, which is a a dead end road, and there is almost no traffic around the house.
Getting around
We have all the parking you need. You likely won't find Uber here and you'll need to rent or bring your own vehicles, bikes or ATVs/OHVs to get around. We have connections to a local OHV rental company who can deliver machines to the house if you'd like to rent a machine for a day. However, Marysvale city does not allow joyriding on our property so please limit ATV/OHV use on the property to ingress and egress only.


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